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Reviews to shipowners, skippers and boats are to be considered related to the Remy platform.
Powerboat Raggio Di Luna of the 2017
Powerboat, model 56 RIVALE, shipyard Riva, 4 beds.
Powerboat Cerise Blue of the 2002
Powerboat, model Apreamare 11, shipyard Apreamare, No beds available.
Powerboat Far And Wide of the 1996
Powerboat, model UNIESSE 48 OPEN, shipyard UNIESSE MARINE S.R.L., 2 beds.
Powerboat Chilu of the 1997
Powerboat, model Tornado 45 EXPRESS, shipyard Tornado Viking, No beds available.
Powerboat Gianetti 45 Sport of the 2002
Powerboat, model Gianetti 45, shipyard Gianetti, 2 beds.
Powerboat Twisted of the 1999
Powerboat, model SUNSEEKER 75 PREDATOR, shipyard Sunseeker, 2 beds.
Powerboat Diano of the 2008
Powerboat, model DIANO 29, shipyard CANTIERE DIANO, 4 beds.